violation of copyright!!!

Urgently! Tell me where I have to write about a violation of copyright of music from AJ on russian site?

Submit a ticket to support.

I did it. But it says it could take to 7 days. And what next? Can Envato block this site?

Can you share what exactly did you found?

I can’t share it on forum. Basically it is a site when people upload AJ items without watermark and you free to get it. Packs of items. It must be restricted!

It’s a crime!!! Envato should block this site!

I hope so! Because it has items at $20.000+ in sum

Can you private message me the website please?

Thank you.

I can but what for? You want to know are there any of you items?:smiley:

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Yep something like that, I wanna see what the hell is going on.

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can I have the website as well please?

I’ll send this links to your but the thing is that there are a lot of this sites. They copy each other.

Send me the link too!

but it’s the last one! I look forward for regards

Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much, its just piracy for kids, no one big would be using that link, and adrev will generate me some revenue from those little pirates.

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Wow, that’s huge!
Is it all the AJ database or what?
I am shocked !
Do they have the watermarks?

no they don’t. And it’s really kind of full database

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I am wondering how they did that!?
I hope AJ will do something about it.
This is a disaster!

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And it’s just one of them. I found more than 10. If regurds don’t stop it’ll decrease our sales

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Get used to it guys :laughing: this has been an issue for years now and I think it will never ever be solved. If you managed to take one of these websites, another 10 websites would pop-up :joy:
The best thing to do is to just forget about them and keep working on new items and on updating your items continuously.

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