Watermarked track used in a pretty big YouTube channel!

Hi everybody

Not long ago (it was august) we saw a video from SanDisk that was using a watermarked track from audiojungle and it is still available at their Facebook page here:

as few people on comments said it might be that they used the preview for all the edits and than after purchase, did not swap it for the original or they had problems swapping it automatically.

But this time, I was watching the latest video from Austin Evans (one of the top tech channels at YouTube with over 1,700,000 subscribers) I’m subscribed to his channel and I heard a watermarked hip hop chill track in it. (we can clearly hear the watermark at 6:46, even before and after that if you listen carefully!) I already heard this track on Audiojungle but unfortunately I don’t remember who’s track is that but it might be a track by @AudioFortress or @COSMONKEY or @ArtIss or @CoffeeMusic or @CrystalSquad

Does anybody recognize the track?

I already submitted a request at Envato Help for copyright concer.


Nice work Aram! It’s great that you are helping support the copyrights of AJ authors

not mine :pensive:

Wow he talked so much until I can’t even hear the music from my phone speaker. And 60% people online from their mobile phone, so 60% people wouldn’t recognize that. :frowning: