WARNING - AJ Music watermarked on Youtube.


I just received a link to a product launch ( Synthesizer ) , and came across the watermark in the Logo of the video presentation.

Follow the link:

  • This person can ta using many other audios not purchased on Envato market. Very common , but it comment when found .



Good timing, I just happened across this today. I’ts not my logo, but I hate to see such blatant thievery.

You have to be pretty special to steal watermarked content.


it seems that no matter what you do
people are still “pirating” our works.

I know in the Beatport scene, once you get out a release,
the russians (no pun intended but they are the best at this)
buy your album or EP, and then release it on tens of torrents and
file sharing things. After 2 weeks after I launched one of my albums
consisting in 10 tracks,
the first 10 pages of Google on the title of the album
were filled with torrent and file sharing links.

I worked hard 1 year for that. You can imagine what sales I had.

None the less, I can see even watermarked stuff is being pirated.

But have faith, the proportion between the pirating and the actual license cost
is ok, meaning that even if people are pirating watermaked audio from AJ,
you still get a lot of earnings that could make you not look at
the poor people having no money that are pirating watermaked content.

On Beatport, you were helpless, looking at 40 cents / download earnings
and also those shrinking because of heavy pirating.

so we’re still ok on AJ : )


Unfortunately there are many thefts … We have to follow and join in when needed.

Thank you guys