Very Old Item Ratings

We have been checking our items for almost a week now and realized that there are a lot of “very old” ratings from customers.

We think these “very” old ratings should be removed because they are not valid anymore, especially when the rating is about a bug/error that was already fixed in the latest updates.

We tried asking about this in our email to Envato. They said they can only remove ratings that are less than 60 days old. So if you have an inactive customer who hasn’t updated their ratings for a year or more, you can’t remove them, and that’s unfair and misleading to new potential customers.


Our team asked Envato about this line from the rating policy page:

And this is their reply:
Screenshot 2022-10-16 052425

Note that the ability to report a rating or review expires 60 days after the rating or review was left or last edited.

You have to report within 60 days after the rating posted or last update. After passing 60 days your report is not valid.

In that logic, they should remove the “positive” reviews as well as if it’s related to the “old” review but this would create another problem ( job ) for Envato and they will need to hire more people just to perform this changes.

Why don’t you just focus on the latest reviews anyway?

If the feature/reason mentioned in the positive review was removed or is not working anymore, then it should be removed also.

Envato doesn’t need to hire new people. Authors will also need to manually submit a request for removal, just like in the current system.

We are happy with the latest reviews, but the “old” reviews give potential new customers a bad impression. From an author’s point of view, you should have understood that.