Disabling ratings for customers with expired support

Since we started having customers with expired support we realized that they take advantage to threat you with 1 star ratings if you don’t provide them with free support and the problem is that Envato is not really helping out with those 1 star ratings, everytime we open a ticket to ask Envato to remove a rating they give us the auto-reply

so the rating should definitly be disabled for customers with expired support

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Agreed. They have 6 months to leave a rating.

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Agree! 6 months is more then enough

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Thank you for backing up the proposal
the problem with this new forum is that these topics quickly sink and anyway authors stopped being so proactive on the new forum as it’s not very user-friendly we don-t even get staff replies anymore

but a 6 month timeframe for rating an item should be a must or at least with a valid support license, if it expires then the user cannot rate anymore

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I totally agree, it happens to me today.

You’re supporting the user 6 month like a machine, he leaves a 5 stars rate “Oh amazing script | theme!”.

After his support is expired, “Your script is broken and has many bugs, you want me to pay money to fix bugs you should fix them for free ?!” with a 1 star rate.

You report the review to Envato, they reply with the auto-reply “buyer experience” .

Envato should do something about that.

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+1 Let’s bump this so envato notices…

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+1 100% agree. 6 month is enough

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+1 agreed, there should a specific policy for expired support.

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+1 now a day, I’m still doing a support for an expired support for a year. I don’t see any difference, whether they extend support or not we still have to do a lifetime support, Even though we not allow to advertising “lifetime support” in the item description. :pensive: