How to deal with Expired support customers?

Dear authors,

I guest this is a problem everyone is having:

  • Customers who pretend to not know about the 6-month support policy and refuse to pay for support after 6 months.

  • What is worse, they are willing to create a new 1-star rating everytime they need support with reasons like:“there’s a bug, your product is a piece of Sh1t, a$$ holes , etc.” and “everytime I ask for support, they ask for money”

Here is an example of what we used to be called by these beloved customers whose support expired a long long time ago:


There is a big hole in policy for cases like this. Hope there will be improvements to protect our rights and benefits.

In your experience, what are the best ways of dealing with customers like this?

People like this doesn’t bother me anymore and I keep a straight message ready for every time I face such a customer

Can you please share the message with us so we and many other authors here on Envato can try and avoid these situations?

As I read the x-rated language there, nobody will take such people serious. Let it go, eventually they will move on cause they find nothing to argue with.
Stay professional in your short reply with a lunk to the terms of extended support. Cheers mate.

Tell them to purchase the license but after those conversation, I wouldn’t be interested in helping anyway.

Contact the support, ask for removal the comments/rating and due to their language also ask the support to block their account ( may be temporarily but still it works )