"User Experience" Reviews from customers with expired support

So, according to Envato support staff, 1 star Reviews left from customers who have expired support and are trying to force the author to provide support to them have a “User experience” so they can’t help us with any of those reviews.

Even though you have assisted this user it does not mean they cannot ever post a rating as this is there right. If we removed this they would still be entitled to leave another rating.

Even if we told the customer to renew his support so that he can receive assistance, he leaves a 1 star review for not helping him, they can’t help us with that.

Point them to their own policy https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207651633-Rating-or-Review-Removal-Policy-

What’s not allowed? We will remove:

Ratings and reviews that attempt to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do, e.g., force an author to provide support where an item was sold as unsupported or where the buyer’s support has expired. However, if an author chooses to provide support beyond what’s obligated, and consequently receives a low rating for that support, we won’t be able to remove that rating (see point 1 above).