Versatile vocalist, guitarist & pianist seeking AJ author/producer to collaborate with

I am an experienced singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. I have submitted a couple tracks to AJ, but they have been rejected…I believe due to my relatively poor mixing/mastering skills. Instead of spending hours learning how to mix better myself, I’d rather focus on my strengths.

Therefore, I am looking to collaborate with an experienced audio jungle author, who is well-versed in mixing, mastering, and has sold tracks through AJ. I would like to contribute my guitar playing, arrangement, and potentially vocals to create tracks that we can sell and share the profits in.

I am attaching two tracks. The audio contained are snippets from hours of footage I have of myself improvising on Periscope. I thought these would be good because they show the sort of music I’m inclined to naturally play.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing further!

I am listening to the first “Electric Sampler”… you say you’d rather focus on your strengths, but you did not really told us what are these strengths :slight_smile:
I mean, ok, it is not mixing, or mastering, and we guess it is not soloing over a chord progression ( around 0:12 and 0:43, ouch :))

Well the Acoustic Sampler was really better to my ears…
but I’ll be honest, I love guitar, but I am afraid that if these are the best snippets from hours of footage, there is much work!

Before mixing and mastering… capturing a better performance by using a better microphone would be a good idea :slight_smile:

Hi there,
Unfortunately, you uploaded only some badly recorded random licks and chord snippets. If you want to sell yourself as a session guitarist and work remotely with a producer, I recommend you upload a couple well-recorded, great sounding, coherent, tracks showing your technical skills, versatility, and abilty to play and be creative in a variety of styles, moods,etc… Good luck.

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This way of criticism is too harsh imo. Yes the uploaded tracks are not ok, but if you see the soundcloud profile, there are way better tracks. So @rossbar upload some better examples.

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yep you are right!

@rossbar My criticism was indeed really harsh, but honest, as I only listened to the two extracts you provided.
Thanks to @FirstNote, I checked your Soundcloud and there are indeed really nice acoustic + voice tracks!!
Better composition, better playing, better recording…

I am wondering why you posted these two tracks… I listened to “Glimpse of insanity”, and these songs are to my ears at least so much better :slight_smile: They are really good in fact, and with some mixing + mastering they could really shine! :slight_smile:


Sometimes it´s complicated write an opinion and does not seems harsh or rude. Just a misunderstood.
I don´t think you were impolite, you just were honest, it´s complicated show emotions writing.
You only tried to help, in my opinion.


Hounest is always ok and of course you must be able to take some hits in this business. I just thought it was to straight forward when someone opens up (a young musician) and genuinely asks for collab. The danger is that someone quits after that. And you can say a lot about persistence etc etc. I found the other tracks on Souncloud of way better quality. So I tried to give him a break. But @rossbar has to come in and say something.

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@Hummingbird-musicwor I appreciate you checking out my Soundcloud and your response…that was nice to read this morning. @frozenjazz I do appreciate your updated response as well, and understand you were trying to offer honest feedback. I do think it could have been communicated a bit kinder, and I wasn’t sure how to respond initially.

That being said…I posted the original snippets coming from a place of wanting to communicate where my hands to go on the guitar…as if we were sitting down casually jamming. The tracks I’ve submitted and had rejected were definitely of higher quality than the improvisational snippets above…and I had put effort into the production of them.

These samples were done more to illustrate the sounds that typically come out when a guitar is put in my hands thinking that’d be sufficient for a lick here or there to catch another musician’s ear for the sake of sparking interest in creativity/collaboration. I’ll take your suggestions to make sure material is better composted and produced before uploading next time.


Yes, I am always honest when I give feedback… and the contrast between the title, description, and the actual audio made me react…

I still don’t understand why you posted these, given the fact that you have wonderful tracks on your soundcloud that would be more likely to attract potential AJ authors/producers.
You should really post some of them :slight_smile:

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@frozenjazz Thank you for your response and I’ll consider reposting with other tracks that are on my Soundcloud. I can understand your reaction and appreciate the kind words about those other tracks on SoundCloud and the suggestions.