Versatile guitarist, vocalist, pianist looking to collaborate with mixing/mastering expert

I am an experienced singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. I have submitted a couple tracks to AJ, but they have been rejected…I believe due to my relatively poor mixing/mastering skills. Instead of spending hours learning how to mix better myself, I’d rather focus on my strengths.

Therefore, I am looking to collaborate with an experienced audio jungle author, who is well-versed in mixing, mastering, and has sold tracks through AJ. I would like to contribute my guitar playing, arrangement, and potentially vocals to create tracks that we can sell and share the profits in.

I am attaching two tracks. The audio contained are snippets from hours of footage I have of myself improvising on Periscope. I thought these would be good because they show the sort of music I’m inclined to naturally play.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing further!

I was very interested in your work.

Let’s talk in person: