Verbose Labs

Verbose labs been working on my carpooling app which was to take 2 weeks to complete 2 months later they stopped communicating and i cant reach them on email or phone. i need to know when the application will be done.

That sounds like a custom project?

Was it organised via envato studio or did you just speak to them by email and organise it?

They have the complete solution for the carpool app and thats what they were working on after i paid the instalment as agreed. Their products contacts are displayed on envato.

Been communicating on emails and whatsapp as given on envato.

If you paid through envato and bought an item listed on codecanyon or themeforest then you would have some level of support.

If you:

  • paid directly to the author and not via envato

  • for an item that was not already sold on envato,

  • especially using email and WhatsApp rather than the official envato contact form,

then unfortunately there will be very little that envato can do to help, as that would be a private agreement.

So envato does not verify the authors or have a way of communicating with them? They have done say 60% of the work so im wondering why they cant complete the remaining part.

envato don’t own the items for sale so they have some control over items sold there.

If you buy an item through envato then they are involved and can help

If you communicate using envato channels and forms then they know what was said and can get involved.

BUT if you have private discussions or make direct payments with an author that have not included envato then they won’t be aware of what was agreed and can not get involved to resolve problems as this becomes a private matter

Okay let me see if they get back cz its only one stage remaining to be finished.

We are sorting. Thanks.
Verbose labs are a hoax. They will take your money take alot of time giving excuses and wont deliver the complete solution. After back n forth they sent me a source code that dint have the backend structure or sample.