Regarding service support issue by codecanyon

Kindly let me know what exactly happened with my project DooTook kindly confirm because from last 40 days I just waiting for proper update but I didn’t get and app store didn’t take that much time for approval. And from the last more then 10 days I many time asking for update and credentials but till now you didn’t able to provide and I also have the issue of delayed respond on what’sapp about all my issue by you many time i asking and requesting you to manage and respond properly on whasapp but you didn’t. If you don’t provide me the update and also not provide the proper support then how can I move forward with respect to your services and how can I manage delayed time which may loose my patience and also loose my confidence. Initially you assured me that you will take care of my project properly but now i feel you absolutely not.

So kindly maintain the client trust and bonding which you initially make.

They provide support via mail - (personal info removed)

I am still waiting for your positive professional response ahead

Kindly Help

It’s hard to follow your situation but I can assure you that authors cannot sell extended support directly, and envato do not communicate anything official via WhatsApp.

If you are creating private agreements with the author outside envato’s official channels then the ere will be nothing that envato will be able to do to help

I suggest you speak to support on the meantime and explain what happened Envato Market Help and Support