User is selling audiojungle tracks on all DSPs under his own name

Happy New Year everyone,
I wanted to report that recently I came across an artist called Joy Mamayabay who is releasing tracks from the audiojungle catalog (especially Christmas tracks) under his name on all DSPs through his distributor DistroKid. This behavior is a clear violation of all Envato license terms, and the tracks are uploaded without any modifications under his own name. I found tracks from at least 3 different contributors (including exclusive contributors) here on AudioJungle, then I stopped and filed a report for my own track through DistroKid’s DMCA office. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

The Distrokid DMCA office is taking care of my claim right now. If anybody has any tips or suggestions on how to proceed further please let me know.

Joy Mamayabay Spotify URI: Spotify