DJ Kimera using music as their own

Hi I really hope the moderators let this through.

I’m not making a copyright claim here as I’ve done this privately but I feel it’s vital that people check this persons playlist to see if any of their music has been taken. Two of my audiojungle tracks were stolen and are being sold in iTunes and streamed on youtube, soundcloud, Spotify etc.

If you find it has please go through the correct copyright infringement processes. Also if you recognise somebody elses track please inform them so they can make a copyright claim.

Below is the spotify playlist of the tracks by an ‘artist’ called DJ Kimera.

Please, please, please let this post go through to the forums as we all work too hard to have our work stolen and exploited. It’s only fair people are made aware so they can find if their music is being used so they can get it taken down and avoid copyright issues of their own.

All the best and happy holidays.