Use of the Nike logo

Hi guys / moderators can i use this mockup in my previews?


You are allowed to use envato items in your preview with a regular license. You may not include it or use any part of it in your item.

If you want to use it in your item you need to contact the author and ask for special permission, as well as an extended license.

Hi Creattive!
I know this and clear. I’m asking for the NIKE logo / product. Thank You!

I dont think product logos are allowed.

It’s for sure is not allowed. No any third brands, no any famous names and faces, etc.

afaik, items with discernible products in the preview or the item are tolerated but have a banner on the item that states “This item may not be property released”. You can see this on the nike shoe item on 3docean.

The logo itself is often left out, but the fact that the logo is present on the 3docean item does indicate that it is not strictly forbidden on envato market. Could have been an oversight of the reviewer, though.

Let me tag @MotionRevolver, he should know the answer.

No. I’m not sure what 3D Ocean’s rules are regarding mockups, but we never allow any 3rd-party branding, logos, or identities in our preview media. You could likely use the shoe itself, but the Nike swoosh would need to be removed, as well as any mention of the word “Nike”.

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Thank You MotionRevolver, but this is not always true. Lots of videos contain social media icons, and these icons are equally protected. It is contradictory that other laws apply to the other marketplaces of envato, and make my rights confusing.

Yes, I agree. Nowhere should a corporate logo such as the Nike logo or any trademarked product be allowable. I’m not sure why the rules would be different on 3D Ocean, or any other Envato marketplace for that matter. I don’t really have insight to this, but if you’re really that curious, you could always open a ticket with Support.

You’re correct, social media network identities are also protected. However, those rules essentially shield against misuse or trademark abuse. But on the other hand, social media networks are inherently just that – social, and shareable.

Whereas a corporate brand such as Nike might not want to protect its image and products from being used in unapproved methods, social media companies lend themselves toward real world usefulness from a graphics perspective. (i.e. customers may find a lower third with a Facebook logo useful, while a lower third with a Nike logo isn’t exactly something that would make sense)

Please don’t consider this an official or legal response, I’m only attempting to explain how the rules regarding corporate branding and trademarks have historically been treated on the Videohive marketplace.

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It’s very simple to understand. Social media brands, like youtube, twitter, facebook actually give permission to use their logos, icons and brand. They all have strict rules what you can do with their icon, and what you can’t. See for example facebook guide.
Any other companies do not allow to use their brand, because you could make a damage to brand reputation.

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Quick question to reviewers, a bit offtopic (sorry). I didn’t see nazi flag anywhere on videohive, I guess it’s not allowed? Would like a staff reply to this.

@EFEKT_Studio you haven’t seen a Nazi flag on the marketplace, and you’d like an explain as to why?

I understand the reason of course, some people are using this flag for documentaries, that’s why I asked.

@EFEKT_Studio totally understandable. Since a Nazi flag isn’t the kind of thing one might find for sale on a marketplace, a documentary creator may need to commission something like this privately from a motion graphics artist.

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