URGENT! Mistakenly purchased one year when intending to purchase on month.

Hello, I’ve just purchased a subscription to Envato Elements, I had selected one month but when I entered in some information wrong the page must have refreshed and I mistakenly ordered one year, imagine the shock when I see a charge for $192.05 CAD on my card.

I have only just purchased this, if anyone can help me get in touch as I simply cannot afford an expense like this at this time.

Thanks, stressing out and hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

Please contact the Envato Support:

Do not download anything in the meantime.

I’ll make sure not to download anything, just submitted a support ticket, will it be a problem if I don’t have access to the inbox of my registration email? This is an old email account I’ve had for ages and didn’t anticipate something like this happening.

Well, you will receive a reply from support to the email registered to your account of course, so you should definitely need an access to it.

I gave them my new email address but don’t have access to the one used to register the account.

You can change the email at https://account.envato.com

Okay, I will do that and re-submit the ticket with the updated information.

I had the same problem! It wasn’t accepting my payment method, then the page was refreshed and I got billed for the whole year. Please tell me if you had a reply or the issue was resolved.
Update: I cancelled my subscription immediately.