[URGENT] Impact Links No Longer Working


Is anyone else getting errors with their links? I started using the vanity links since they’ve introduced them, and now none of them are working.

They bring me to a blank page saying: “The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.”

Here’s one of my links as an example: https://1.envato.market/zx6m



Yes, I have the same problem with all my links! @emile_b


yes you are right, link is not working at all. I think this is causing from impact side. Hope @emile_b will give us a guideline about this. In the mean time you can create support ticket here:

impact radius affiliate links showing message as "The link you clicked on is malformed."

I’ll check with the Devs now. Thanks!


Wow the links stopped working, how can we fix this ???


Almost 24 hours and still are no working. Some one can help with this issue? I contacted support but they don´t said anything…


I contacted Impact support as well with no response. Emile said it’s an error on Impact’s side of things and are looking into it (email was sent about 12 hours ago.)

It seems to be a problem with the vanity links. I’ve changed a few of my links back to the long-string version, but it takes a bit of time to go through 100 YouTube videos and update 4 different links in each video. Hoping Impact fixes this ASAP and we won’t have to covert all our video descriptions.


Seems to work now! @E-soundtrax are your links ok?


Good News! just I have checked and found Impact links are working. So, I think Impact has solved the issues. Thanks to Envato & Impact


Yes, there are ok. Thanks!


Yes apologies for not responding sooner, there was a slight bug with the Vanity links however this was isolated and has now been rectified.
Thanks for your co-operation, any further questions, feel free to email me!