impact radius affiliate links showing message as "The link you clicked on is malformed."

I’m running an IT agency and we have some good plugins at CodeCanyon.

Today, I was just accessing my site with affiliate links for my products and is not working overall.

I am getting this error - “The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.”

Let me know what is an issue with the affiliate links.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hey @techeshta

you can contact with @emile_b hope he will help you out from this issue.

Or you can getting help from this thread


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Hey @unlockdesign,

Thanks for sharing useful information to resolve this matter ASAP.

@techeshta, I can confirm the vanity link issue has been reviewed and fixed, please re-test those links.
A fix was deployed yesterday.
Please continue to report any noticeable bugs, hopefully there won’t be any!

Very strange. 5 minutes ago, the link gave me the same answer (Dead End), but now it works …

I get this error again. Now I have already taken a screenshot.


Hello everyone, unfortunately I have had a similar problem for some time. Generates links on and none of them works. How can this be repaired?

I have over 2,000 files that lead through impact and I would not want to waste time now changing these links to standard ones, because currently the link generated by impact does not lead anywhere and misleads the user.

Example link:

Same here, all links I try to use in impact are showing these error message. Tested today. Seems it is not fixed.

I had the same problem, after contacting the support, they said: “You are currently an affiliate on our Envato Elements program, but you are not an affiliate on our Envato Market program.”. So pls check your account if you are already be an affiliate on Envato Market.
Hope this can help :slight_smile:

I also have the same problem but I have solved the problem. Please check again your link is correctly copied and paste. if you have / extra in Envato Elements Link it will not work


I’m experiencing the same issue when redirecting users via an app via the vanity links from impact radius.

Grateful for any advice