Impact links not working (Oct 2021)

Hello, friends.

From today, after updating the rules, all referral links that start with h ttps:// are blocked by ad blockers. I checked in AdGuard and AdBlock. Probably in other blockers too.

An illustration of what it looks like:

The easiest solution seems to be to wrap the links in URL-Shorter redirects, like bitly com and others.
But as far as I know, the impact will not count referrals from redirects. Can anyone confirm or deny this information?

Because now all my landing pages have turned into beautiful but useless bricks that lead nowhere. :pensive:


Same for me :anguished:
Affiliate links just vanished from the demo’s.

@emile_b any suggestions?


I just tried this and I can confirm that this is happening to us too.

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Here is a small WordPress plugin - Google Drive
It adds javascript to the page, finds all links of the “” type, changes the URL so that it does not fall under the filters and, when clicked, processes to the correct URL. No backdoors or backlinks.

This is a temporary solution. I am looking forward to the response from the envato team, with a recommendation on what to do.

@Laborator, would you be able to share the URLs where this is happening.
Feel free to email me examples of this so I can escalate to Impact -
Thank you for raising this, and of course for your cooperation as this is investigated.

Hi @merkulove,
I’m seeing them here

The buttons are there?
Please clarify, as I might be missing something.

@emile_b two conditions must be met:

  1. Your browser must have some of popular ad-blocking extension installed(AdBlock, Adguard, etc.).
  2. The version of the bases in this extension must be from October 9 or newer.

After that you can visit the same demo to see the problem (AdGuard On) → (AdGuard off)

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Hi Emile,

Please see this video example: Screen Capture on 2021-10-09 at 23-29-01.mp4 - Droplr

So we have three links in our theme intro and they disappear once you enable any ad-blocker plugin.

This is happening in everywhere in the web where there are links too.

Two examples:


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That means that people reported impact links to ad-blockers, therefore, they were added to the default ad-block list. I think this is something only Envato can request removal of. Try filing a message to ad-block database stating these are not ads. It worked for some of my customers that had the same issues with their sites and drove me crazy trying to find out why.

@emile_b, I think you guys have much more power in reporting this as a mistake to the devs of Ad Blockers (link)


Any updates on this? :neutral_face:

Hi all. @emile_b and our developers are currently investigating this issue - they’ll post an update here when we have more information.


Heya guys! - @Laborator, @merkulove @42Theme Until this is solved, I found a way to circumvent AdBlockers. Please note, this should only be used as a temporary solution as this can degrade performance if you use a lot of links in a page.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
	'use strict'
	var allowAffiliate = false;
		//Getting all hrefs that match Envato's Affiliate Link
		var anchorsDisabled = document.querySelectorAll('[href^=""]');
		//Replacing all HREFS with data-envato. 
        //This will make buttons hidden by ad-block visible again
		anchorsDisabled.forEach(function(e) {
			var hrefs = e.getAttribute('href');
			e.setAttribute('data-envato', hrefs);
			e.setAttribute('href', '#');
		//When clicking data-envato buttons, take the link from the 
        //data attribute, put in the href, and direct the browser to it.
		var dataEnvato = document.querySelectorAll('[data-envato]');
		dataEnvato.forEach(el => {
			el.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
				var envatoLink = el.getAttribute('data-envato');
				document.location.href = envatoLink,true;

TL;DR - The code above loops through all your links. If it finds links that match Envato’s Affiliates ( it will replace them with href="#" and move the link to a data-envato=“”. When you click the button, then the JS function changes document.location with your affiliate link. Easy and quick fix for the time being.

Tested and works 100%! Copy the code in any JS file that executes on your site … your affiliate links will work again!

NOTE - Don’t attempt _blank or Safari on iOS, Firefox will not open links and Chrome will attempt opening a pop-up. This is what we’re stuck with at the moment.

PS: If you keep this code, once @BenLeong or @emile_b announces the issue has been resolved, just set allowAffiliate = true and this will revert your page to the default settings. Variable is there just in case it needs reactivating in the future! :blush:

Hope it helps guys!
Cheers! :blush:


Honestly, I have never used adblockers. Somebody, please provide me the link for the most popular adblocker. I want to test before and after solutions from this topic.

Many thanks to @42Theme and @Enabled for the solutions.

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Can we use url-short services for that? Will be referrals counted in this case in Impact?

@Enabled It looks like you have a mistake here:

location.href can take only one parameter and only a string.
You probably wanted to make the event listner passive and true should be the third parameter in addEventListener.
Or is it some kind of JS magic unknown to me? :wink:

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I use this one AdGuard AdBlocker - Chrome Web Store
Most popular probably this AdBlock — best ad blocker - Chrome Web Store

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It’s not JS magic, but, if you pay close attention to the code, envatoLink is a string, which is the value pulled from the data-envato attribute that’s moved from the href when the forEach loop fires. Give it a shot. For me it works like a charm and my server using this method since yesterday. Impact link clicks started growing again! That’s the magic! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Laborator Can I kindly ask you to test this again (with an adblocker enabled, we are receiving reports the issue (or part of it) has remedied itself

That’s why I was having troubles with Elementor on my site!!!
Actually it seems solved though

I use on Firefox

@emile_b I can confirm that the problem has disappeared with the new ad-blockers rules list(13 October or later). Tested in Chrome(AdBlock, AdGuard) and Firefox(AdBlocker Ultimate)
I think the case can be considered solved, given that all blockers use the same lists of rules.
Thank you for the fast solution :+1: