Is the referral link I created not working?


Is the referral link I created not working?

You can check here:

It is very important to me. Because I put it in so many places

Thank you for reporting this. The team has been announced already and are looking into this. Everyone is experiencing the same issue.

I discovered an HTTPS related issue. For example: => Not working => Works => Works

That can be a fix but it’s one I would stay away from. Some browsers throw a tantrum when you redirect from https to http then https again. This can be a security vulnerability leading to links being blocked or redirects failing. We’ll have to wait for an official resolve on this one.

@KingDog, @BenLeong, @rosssimpson, @emile_b tagging you in here as well.


Hello, Please I’m also having problem with my referral links on Envato Elements, all the referral links that I have created redirected me on the front page of Envato Elements.

Please we need your help to solve this problem.

Thanks everyone who reported this issue here.

Thanks envato team for fixing the impact shorten links issue. From my side my affiliates links are working fine now. But I would like to request please envato development team fix it as a complete solution so that this issue will not come back again. and also would like to hear about it from envato team.