Impact affiliates link not working in Brave browser (and in other cases)


I wanted to start posting again affiliate links to the Envato market through Impact, but the generated links don’t seem to work.

For example this link: which should link to WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon leads to a broken page in Brave:

It might also be broken in other browsers too.

This new way of tracking affiliates (through Impact instead of ?ref=author) is a huge step back, especially considering all the new privacy-focused browser, privacy laws and ad-blockers stopping them from working.

Probably also related, but last post is from a year ago: Impact links not working (Oct 2021) - #30 by emile_b

Is the affiliate system dead? Should we stop using it?
Are there any plans to re-enable the ?ref=author way of tracking affiliate sales which worked a lot better than Impact?

Hi @tips4design,
Thanks for raising this, I’ve flagged this with Impact as we were not aware of any issues.
I’ve also sent the link over to you again, please check if that works?

The affiliate program is going strong on the Impact’s market leading affiliate platform.
There are no plans to re-enable that affiliate legacy syntax (?ref=), this was de-commissioned nearly 4 years ago.
Happy to take you through the Impact platform in terms of generating links, creating sub IDs, custom URL landing pages etc.
Envato Partnerships

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