Impact generated affiliate links don't work on Behance

When I place an affiliate link on my Behance project, it doesn’t work.

For example, I place this link on Behance: and click it, it will open a new page saying “This page isn’t working. sent an invalid response” (please see below). The address in the search bar on that page is this: When I click on the search bar, it show the address I placed in the link.

I tried to create all 3 links in Impact: http://, https:// and http(s):// but it doesn’t change anything. Any ideas? Is there a different way how to place affiliate links on Behance. I didn’t have problems anywhere else.

Does Behance treat impact links as spam?


Use Google shortener or similar websites

Hi @vasaki,
This seems strange, would you mind sharing your behance link with me so I can run a check on this?
Also might be an idea to raise this with the behance support team?
Emile shortener doesn’t support new links anymore but I used Bitly and it worked. It’s just a bit too complicated to create a link in impact and then another one via Bitly. It takes much more time. Thank you.

Hi @emile_b, thank you for your reply. As I replied to @ki-themes the links work when I use Bitly URL shortener but it requires more time to create those links. Here is one of my items on Behance. If you click on Envato Elements link on the top, it will open a blank page with text in the middle saying “This page isn’t working…"

I contacted Behance and they replied this:

Hi there,

_Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the trouble! _

_It looks like we are replacing the special characters from the URL, specifically the % symbols. Can you try replacing the %'s and numbers with a slash ‘/’. I changed it for you with this URL: _

The links work but will Impact track the clicks @emile_b ?

Hi @vasaki,
Yes Impact will track the links on your behance links
Feel free to send over some links for testing

This may be a dumb question, but how do I create an envato short link like “

Hi @rawvibrations ,
Have you joined the new program yet on Impact?
It’s very simple to do, you’ll see the link generator on the dashboard page on login.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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Hi @emile_b,
Is it Impact Radius? Should I sign up as a partner or brand?
Thanks for the info.

Yes it is, here’s the link -

Sign up as a publisher,
let us know if you have any further questions


Thanks @emile_b.