Impact links not working (Oct 2021)

Thanks for sharing such awesome news @merkulove
Would you mind sharing the URL to this updated rule for 13 October or later?
That would be of huge assistance,
Thanks again and for all co-operation!

@emile_b Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Quite a few commits were made between October 12-13. I could not find by name something containing the word, perhaps it is named somehow differently. But you can try to find it yourself, here is commits list Commits · AdguardTeam/AdguardFilters · GitHub

That means that people reported impact links to ad-blockers, therefore, they were added to the default ad-block list.I think this is something only Envato can request removal of. Try filing a message to ad-block database stating these are not ads. It worked for some of my customers that had the same issues with their sites and drove me crazy trying to find out why.