[URGENT] Impact Links No Longer Working

Again links don’t work

Same problem for me, sometimes the links work good and then it send to the homepage again.

Why is there no answer from staff? @emile_b

I demand to know why all my impact radius links display the Themeforest thumbnail, instead of my own as usual.

I sell music for crying out loud, not Wordpress themes!! It looks very unprofessional and is confusing to my buyers.

Can we have this issue taken care of once and for all? Jeez…

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The same problem here today. I’ve found one more topic regarding this problem - Impact Affiliate Links not working properly

This bug reveal when you guys creating links.

Sometime when you creating new links, the link not creating properly and display themeforest homepage.

Solution, always check link after creation and if it is homepage themeforest - just click second time to create link with your landing page, the second link always works properly.

Yes, the same problem here! Even older links do not work properly. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Big problem! Hope that will fix soon.

No, I always test links after creating and they are correct. So it’s the issue on Envato side.

The same problem here. Links redirects to Themeforest homepage.
Please tell us urgently as soon as you can what we have to do now, to wait for fix or to avoid affiliate links?

Edit: links works fine for not logged in visitors, but the problem is still there.
Edit2: no, links are not working now anyway…

Same problem here. When I’m logged in marketplace all my links going to themeforest homepage. How is that even possible ??

Several hundred links that I created worked without problems right after they were created (tested).

I know exactly what you mean. I created (and of course tested and fixed) 583 links so far. Everything worked fine, but now something else is the problem.

Still no answer from staff who’d rather post on a 2 month old thread than on this very live one.

What’s going on @emile_b ?

Just wanted to start updating all my legacy link, but you guys made me think Should I?

I’m sure Envato staff is trying to solve the problem. However, an official reply would help a lot. Silence is not the best idea in my opinion.

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I just tried about 10-15 links and looks like that the problem is solved.

Update: it’s not working again. :cry:
It currently works only for visitors who are not logged in.

Once works, once not…

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In the morning I checked and links worked. Now I check links and it doesn’t work again.
Can someone explain how it works? Is it normal?

Guys, I take my words back.

Short url links really does not works! and I am also angry with that.

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@emile_b check please this situation! we lose our income!

I accidentally notice this BIG problem, and I was wondering why we have a huge drop in our sales!! now, I understand.

I can confirm. The links are working sporadically and sometimes don’t work for an entire day. My entire blog is setup with impact links so this needs to be resolved urgently. I can’t advertise my products and when users click on the link they land on ThemeForest’s homepage.

@emile_b, can we get a reply on this? Is this something that will happen regularly? My main earning source is the marketplaces, and if Impact will keep doing this on a regular basis I’d rather remove the Impact links from my website and use normal ones.


Hi @emile_b @KingDog Again referral links are not working, they redirect to themeforest. Thanks.

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