Impact Affiliate Links not working properly

Hi, since a few days ago we’re having a problem with the Impact affiliate links, when we click on some of them, instead of redirecting to the corresponding item page, they link to the Themeforest homepage. This has been happening on and off, which is really strange. Also, we see that, for example, when logged in, they are broken (leading to themeforest instead of the item pages) but trying it in incognito mode, they work fine. We also know it isn’t just our account because we had other people telling us that they weren’t redirecting to the item pages.

You can try the links here Odin_Design's profile on ThemeForest The Pixel Diamond design and the 2 Asgard ones have impact links.

Is anyone else having the same issue? Can anyone help us with this? @emile_b


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Hi @Odin_Design,
Happy to check this for you if you can send me an Impact link.

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Hi @emile_b,

Impact links do not work correctly. The following link must redirect you to the checkout page for my item.
  1. Please login to your Envato Account and click the above link, this link will redirect you to the homepage.

  2. Go incognito mode of the browser, and click the above link, this link will redirect you to the checkout page for my item.

I’ve checked in both Incognito and normal, with both occasions directing me to the checkout page as you intended?
The link seems to be working fine…?

Those Impact links shouldn’t be included anywhere on the [ ]( domain, as referral tracking is based on cookies, and in this instance the cookie already exisits.



I am having this same issue. I am currently changing all of my referral links and now I notice that all of them lead to the themeforest home page for some reason.

In incognito mode the links function correctly. An hour ago they functioned correctly in normal mode. Now they don’t.

Any idea what is going on with this bug?

Here is an example of a link that no longer leads to my item and instead leads to the themeforest home page:

I just tried the link in Safari and it worked correctly. I just tried the link on my iPhone and it works correctly.

It does not work correctly in Chrome on my Mac. None of my links do. Why would that be?

Hi @Odin_Design,
I noticed you mentioned the Impact links are sitting on this page
These links will not track any referrals as the cookie has already been dropped.
Our program runs on a 90 day cookie window (1st click).
Best to use your affiliate links on your own domain


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Thanks @pinkzebra.
the link looks like it’s working perfectly fine for me:

tested in chrome.

Thanks. I cleared the cookies in Chrome and the links worked again for me in that browser. Kind of strange how all my links stopped working and directed me to ThemeForest. I hope that doesn’t happen to normal users who try to click on my links.

My account is @nhunet.
I am getting same issue with my affiliate links. It keeps saying “The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.”. My account has been created since 2012. Could you please look into? Thanks.
Nhu Nguyen