Uploading problem - Choose file - MacOS Sierra Safari 11

Hello guys ! Recently I’ve updated my mac to Sierra version and now I have problem with uploading my files.

Choose file is visible, my flash player is on and updated but after clicking on choose file something weird happens. Please look a the print screen. Any ideas ?

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Same problem for me too. Managed to upload using Chrome but things still weren’t appearing on the screen correctly.

Anyone ?

I’ve submitted a support request about this and hopefully will get a response soon.

Thank you Paul. Let me know please when you get response.

Thanks guys and I have replied to your email @PaulGraves

Latest versions of software will always cause a few issues so please do try Chrome and let me know if you have any issues here - standard issue of using such a heavy browser are adblockers, flash being blocked or some extension.

Chrome will work but doesn’t display on screen properly so it’s trial and
error pointing the cursor in the right place to upload files.


Ok, so what’s now? It will be fixed ? I don’t have any adblockers.

It works on firefox but this weird element above choose file button is still visible.

On Safari 11 doesn’t work .

Chrome - it works like in firefox. This element above choose file button still appears.

I had the same problem, but noticed (can’t remember where tbh) a notifaction that Flash was not working properly. Took me one button to auto fix it and was able to choose files after that

Hello. Thank you for your message. Do you remember where to fix it ?

If you press where you would expect to see the upload button you get a pop-up window asking if you want to activate flash.

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Thanks guys but it seems that I have a bigger problem. I got this window to activate flash but after this nothing happens. I still can’t upload through Safari… I closed Safari, restarted Mac, I have updated flash, it’s on and it’s also active on audio jungle site. Maybe I’m doing sth wrong ?

Do you see the green upload button now?

Do you mean choose file ? Yes I see, but when I click on this button this weird element above the button appears. Look at my first post.

I get this to, but still a window opens that let me choose my files.

So that’s the problem. My window doesn’t open :slight_smile:

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You should try open the window and get some fresh air. :grin:

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I’ll die. I’m in plane :joy:


same here