"Choose File" button not showing on AudioJungle upload page?

I am trying to upload my first track and have been trying to do so for the last couple of days but there is no “choose file” button. I have watched videos on youtube on how to upload and everyone else has this option but it just isnt there when i try to upload. Any ideas as i want to get the ball rolling with my uploads?

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I have the same problem sometimes. Just try another browser or update flash player. This is main problem.


Maybe it is a known fault then. Well i use mac so just run safari. I will try and update flash player maybe. Thanks for the advice though. Hopefully get my tracks posted today now

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Try FTP service , or really try another browser or update flash player. ))):wink:
I’ve had that problem was )

You’re probably on Safari 10. You need to do this. best susan.


Hi there. This happens to me frequently and it is always the flash player needing an update. Hope it helps.

Thank you for all your help everyone. I updated my flash player and it appeared. All sorted

This post just saved my life. :joy: