uploading for first time

Hello to all AudioJungler’s
Just starting out and trying to upload my first piece of music in the upload section. When I click on the small up and down arrows to select upload file (Main, Mp3 etc) I Just get a tick in the column without the ability to select my files.image
My Total file size is only 32.6mb. Do I need to upload via the FTP system.
Has any one else had this problem or am I just missing something ?
Your experience will be greatly appreciated.

Hi N-S-productions - You first need to upload the files. There should be a green button “Choose File” under the Files header. I don’t see it in your screen snap. Sometimes you need to load the Flash Player first (I don’t know why this happens sometimes). Perhaps exit and re-enter the page and try again. Good luck!

Hi MidnightSnap- Will do what you suggested.
Thanks for your quick answer very much appreciated. Will see how I go .

HI MidnightSnap- Reloaded upload page several times now still same problem. You mentioned that I need to load the Flash Player first, not sure what you mean by that ( I’m on a Mac if that makes any difference )

I run on a PC and Chrome is my browser. Sometimes when the green “Choose Files” button is not shown, there is in small print something about loading a Flash Player. When I select that it then installs the green button and I can browse for my files after hitting that button. I guess I would suggest experimenting with another browser. If that doesn’t help, then try the FTP. The file size you have isn’t the problem but still the FTP should work just as well. Good luck!

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Hi MidnightSnap ! would just like to say thank you very much for your advice. I downloaded the latest Adobe flash player for Google and that did the trick, awesome. One day I’ll be able to give help to another as you have.
really appreciated.
Thanks !

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