Can't upload new files with mac upgrade 10.13.3

Hey There !
When I click choose file I only get a rectangular box highlighted above which does nothing.
The browser does not appear so I can’t select my files.
I updated my adobe and it’s on.
Help !
Thank you.

Hello Rich, what browser are you using?
I think the Adobe Flash addon does not have the rights to run by default in the browser, it happened to me too recently in Firefox.

Im using Safari

Sometimes on my Mozilla, upload process freezes, so i cant choose files to add.

I push UPLOAD then, page reloads, appears error massages, but with them - lost in a limbo files.

its not exactly what this topic is about, but still, maybe helps someone around

In opera all good , but u need every week upgrade your adobe plugin in opera .

In Chrome everything is ok in mac the latest update

I just uploaded the latest iMac update 10.13.4 and it works now !
All good :slight_smile:

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