Uploading a theme fails every time

Evertime i try to upload a theme, i get by 100 % percent, I get the message: “Are u really sure to do this?” And after tht stands the only possible to click sentense: " Try it again".

Try uploading a different theme and see if its the actual theme causing the issue or a problem with your WordPress install or server.

I got tht tip:
upload the zip file from control panel to root:
home/yoursite name/public_html/wp-content/theme/
upload there and extract… after that delete the zip file…
go to wp-admin… and continue…

and now i am serching where this control panel is…

where is this control panel in wordpress?

That “are you sure” is an issue with your hosting.

You should use FTP to upload the theme folder UNZIPPED. Adding it still zipped will not work.

Once that folder is uploaded then you go to your admin i.e. www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

Then go to"appearances" >> “Themes” on the left and “Activate” the theme

if i try to pull in an unzipped file, he dont allow me to do tht. Or is this FTP somewhere else in wordpress?

That’s not FTP.

Option 1: FTP.

You need to have FTP details for your hosting and a tool like FIleZilla to connect and upload your theme.

If this sounds at all alien then use below.

Option 2:

Go to your downloads page and chose the “installable WordPress files only” option of the theme and use that via your admin panel in the pic above

more info https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

Just to check - the item you bought is a WordPress theme right?

yes, i bought it here

I did so. only installable zip file

If that zip still generates the same “are you sure” issue then you will have to use FTP - there are instructions on that link above