Wordpress failure notice

I have just purchased the Lens themeforest theme, but I keep getting a failure notice saying "Wordpress failure notice as I upload the zipped them to my wordpress page.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Unzip the package on your hard drive, then look for a zip file inside that has just the theme, then upload just the zip file to WordPress. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this has not worked and the zip file is still failing to load. My wordpress site is benpearsephotography.com.au would that address cause any problems as I have read that some themes may only upload to sites that have org at the end.
cheers ben

Looks like you managed to install the theme after all :slight_smile:

When all steps in the documentation are followed you should get your site up and running in notime.

I’m running into same problems - telling me upload is failing because of lack of css style sheet. I’m looking at the unzipped files and do not even see one that has ‘just the theme’…

Opt 1: In your download page click download & select ‘installable WordPress File Only’ & use this (if you can’t see this then it is not a WP theme).

Opt 2: Are you sure you have the WP theme and NOT a HTML file?

Opt 3: Are you using your own hosting and domain NOT WordPress.com

Opt 4: Unzip the theme folder and use ftp to install it

Good Luck

1, it’s a wordpress theme - I specifically purchased a wordpress theme and that’s what the zip file extension also says

  1. hosting via GoDadddy (my own domain) (although perhaps the DNS flip over has not happened yet since I had to change A Record in domain record since domain was not purchased via GoDaddy) - could THIS be an issue???

  2. I have no clue how to do a ftp (was just within Admin in wordpress and uploading new theme).

Guess I shall hit the google to find out this ftp stuff…

Are you trying the ‘Installable WordPress File Only’ option ( assuming you did find that in your download page?) Or a file from within the ‘All files & documentation’ option?


I have the same problem
how did you resolve it?

same problem with a plugin. select ‘installable file’ and download. “wordpress failure notice” no matter how i try to import it.

And you’re going to ‘plugins’ in your Wordpress dashboard, ‘add new… upload plugin’ and uploading the installable zip file there? If so, and it;s still not working, then you should contact the author as they should be able to advise.

Ironically, the author sources support to envato

Charlie K

They’re saying you should contact Envato for support? That’s not right, as Envato don’t make the items, so they don’t support the items.

The author should be providing support, although they can choose not to if it’s an unsupported item. It will say if that’s the case on the item page.

Maybe there’s an included help file that might give you an ide why it’s not installing?

What is the exact error message it shows you?

Try this guide on how to install your Themeforest WordPress theme we put together for the Envato blog. It covers the most common errors users run into when installing a new theme. If none of these solutions helps, reach out to the theme author for help.

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Hi guys!

I’ve just purchased a theme from envato and i am running into this same annoying error when trying to upload the theme into my wordpress site.
“Wordpress failure notice”
“Are you sure you want to do this?”

After refreshing the page, it started to count the Uploading process … up to 99% and then it stops.

I am trying to installl the theme via wp-admin interface, by uploading the .zip file (Yes, the wordpress theme zip file, not the entire zip file)

Could you please point me in the right direction here?


Hosting issue - use FTP and it should work fine