(Locked) Are you sure you want to do this? Please Try Again.

I bought the theme Highlight and have not altered the zip file in any way. When I try to upload it, it takes a couple of minutes and then I get a message saying “Are you sure you want to do this? Please Try Again.” I tried in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, thinking maybe it was a browser issue, but I get the same thing from all of them.

Any ideas?


Mari, better you upload it thru FTP but make sure, all files are unzipped.

After that, login your wp admin then active the theme.

I had this exact issue, and I uploaded via FTP and made sure all files were unzipped on the village theme, and then it came up with an error in wordpress saying there is no CSS file??? I looked on the web and a few others are having issues with these theme forest themes?
Can you help please.

Guys,be sure to read THIS article. Themes are ok, just unzip your downloaded files and locate theme zip file there.


I am having the same problem after downloading the theme, Square. I wish this was helpful but 1) there is no additional zip file within the zip file and 2) the link posted above goes to the support home page and when I search the same keywords there “Are you sure you want to do this?” I get nothing. Anyone have any updated suggestions? I just bought this theme and already regretting it.

Hi! You need to unzip the file you downloaded and upload the theme inside it. Please see Solving broken theme issues. Thanks!

I get this error whenever I try to use Quick Edit to add or delete a slug or uncheck Allow Comments on a page. I’m using a Themeforest premium theme, too, but it installed OK, once I understood that I wasn’t to upload the zip folder that I received (duh!) but only the themename.zip file inside that folder. But why do I get this error message when I try to change things in Quick Edit mode. Neither the slug nor Allow Comments checkbox show in Edit mode, so there’s no alternative.

here’s what seems to be evident from the previous posts and others online…

  1. You paid for a premium theme.
  2. Themeforest gives you two (2) ZIP files… 1 of everything and 1 theme-only ZIP
  3. The ZIP’s are not accepted by WP Dashboard “are you sure you wanna…”
  4. You post here to see if anyone can help you
  5. They tell you… A) Don’t use the ‘theme-only’ ZIP file.
  6. They tell you… B) Use the ZIP file that is located inside the ‘everything’ ZIP file.
  7. They tell you… C) You can only FTP that 2nd ZIP file onto your server, not WP install.
  8. Except if you FTP that 2nd ZIP file onto your server, something is broken with it.
  9. So maybe you should have listened to the WP Dashboard warning in the 1st place.

Is this about it?

I have only now purchased a premium theme and as experiencing the same issue.

It would seem that the WP Dashboard is warning us that something is wrong with the theme.

The solution on other forums is for the theme author to update their theme because there are missing or broken files involved.

That’s… like… only my opinion, dude.

That warning rarely means there is an issue with the theme itself.

Since this thread is 2 years old TF have now created a new way to download offering JUST the theme ZIP, OR the FULL download including help, PSD where applicable etc etc.

That “Are you sure” is normally a hosting thing NOT a theme issue and yes using FTP to upload the theme folder UNZIPPED is the most common solution.

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