Upload limit is revoked.

Today I got a email that my Upload RIGHTS IS REVOKED. email says that i resubmit a items without any changes.

Actully, I got a soft rejected item 4th novembor. It is still now in hidden tabs.

Today I upload a new item by changing color of model. animation is same. Envato call it resubmission.

I thought it would be differnt as color is different. may be I am not aware of it. so, mistake happens.

How can i get back my upload rights. I have more item to upload. i have 449 item on portpolio.

May be it is my small mistake happens that i do not know. how can get back

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Open a author Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


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You resubmitted a file that was identical to one that was previously soft-rejected without making any changes, edits, or alterations to the file in question. This sort of thing results in revocation of upload rights becuase the review team assumes you’re either not reading the rejection notes, or purposely ignoring requests.

As @unlockdesign has already mentioned, you’ll need to open a ticket with Envato Support – which is exactly the instruction that was included in the revocation notice you received.


Today, I get updated mail from support. They inform that they will get back my upload rights if I acknowledge to understand why my items rejected, read my rejection mail carefully, and improve item.

Now, I understand the matters, I acknowledge that it was my mistake I resubmit without improvement or change.

Should I reply to their mail or send a new mail?


better to go with the same email reply options. It will help to keep track of the ticket concerned.


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Reply to the email you received.


I just reply by acknowledging my mistake. How many days it will require to activate it?

Please get in touch with them. Hope they will reply if need anything more from your side or will activate the permission as quickly they can. Please keep patience and they will let you know. Thanks

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I got back my upload rights. there were some items in queue excluding rejected item. unfortunatly, all are gone.

don’t upset. get ready for the next upload.

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Can I re-upload that items as they were not reviewed

Anything that was not reviewed ( definition of review: getting a rejection / soft-rejection / approval ) can be re-uploaded for review. After your item gets approved / soft-rejected / rejected you must make the changes requested or upload a new item.

Please be very careful with Upload Revocation. You don’t get a lot of chances before you get them revoked for 6 months or more! :blush: