hi help me why can't upload for my videohive? in dashboard i got notification like this in picture

what’s wrong with my upload? so my upload is revoked? thank you

Hello @andipapatonk

Yes, it appears that your upload rights are revoked. Please contact Envato Authors Help and Support(link) and explain your situation to the team. They will be able to provide more information.

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okay, thank you sir, I have sent a support ticket to the team, I have explained to the team in full and in detail, I am waiting for an explanation from the team, I am new to experiencing something like this, I am afraid of losing my upload rights as well as my envato author and envato elements accounts , will my sole right return to normal? I don’t know what happened to my error?

I’m afraid I cannot give you an answer to your questions. Please give the team some time to respond. They will be able to give you an official answer :blush:

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ok sir thank you very much I hope everything can go back to normal

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