Uploading to VideoHive Suspended


I got a harsh mail from Envato team that my Videohive uploading rights has been disabled. My sale is continuously increasing and customer is also linking all items. What should i do? Please help me fellows.
Below is my id and the mail i received


Запрет на загрузку работ в течении 6 месяцев
Uploads Suspension for 6 month
I can't access the Item Upload page
Пропала кнопка "upload" на videohive !!!
upload revoked
Can not upload to "Motion Graphics"

Same situation :frowning:


The only option is to wait six months. Out of interest… you’ve had 66 items approved. How many have you submitted in total?

My upload rights revoked!

these 66 approved in somethings a complete year. Account suspension is not because of bulk projects rejection. I think this mail goes to every authors who only upload Motion Graphics. Something server hard disk space crisis

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“…a pattern of submissions that consistently fail to meet the quality standards…”

It seems pretty clear the reason is related to multiple rejections, rather than them running out of disk space. That’s why I asked… if you’ve had 66 approved and 33 rejected, then that seems very harsh. If you’ve had 66 approved and 660 rejected… then it doesn’t.

Why do you think that?


I got that same mail.

I am new to videohive, I uploaded 4 times, 3 got rejected and 1 got approved. And now i cant upload for next 6 months.


No …the thing of approval or rejection no happen to me. Even before a week i upload a single project and that approved, without any trouble.
I actually cross check the authors, who replied that this also happen to them. And i found they only have Motion graphics projects,


Today, I received the same email, and I have projects from section after effects project files. Therefore, it does not depend on


So you’ve never had anything rejected? This must be an oversight then… you should contact support and explain to them that you’ve never had any items rejected, so must have been sent the email (and had the restrictions applied) in error.


Same thing with me. But it so sad for me. I have 7 rejection for AE templates, but when I have success with motion graphic footage, and it just start work 9sales during 1month… now suspending upload ability :frowning:
So what to do? anything can help me or it is better to leave envato at least 6 month or forever?

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That night i’ve received this letter http://c2n.me/3SqaGYy.png (like many other users). I had 1 hard reject in September 2016 (in AE category) + 2 softs in Premiere in last 2 weeks (working on MA currently). 1 PR project was already approved, another wanted to update today.

How come my upload ability got suspended? Because of bad statistics of approved projects without soft rejects?) And PR projects are really good + with video tutorial, help files, html-previews etc. That’s insane.

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Hello creativetoonzmedia, i have this kind of thing too, suspend 6 months ahead. does anyone know the clarity of this issue?
Thank you.


MA is the best!


Same problem.


I did not receive an email
I uploaded Motion Graphic items.
But I can not upload the file and the following message appears on the dashboard of the author

“You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for videohive.net have been revoked. You need to contact Help Team to get them reinstated.”

The Envato support team also does not answer.

What should you do now?


Same problem…




Heya guys! For this situation you’ll have to contact Envato Help and Support. They’ll be able to give you more information on the matter! :slight_smile:


Already have done it yesterday. No answer.

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Support can reply anywhere between a few hours and 7 days depending on the amount of tickets that they have backlogged. No ticket gets ignored! :slight_smile: