Upload file size exceeds upload_max_filesize values ??defined in php.ini.

Upload file size exceeds upload_max_filesize values ??defined in php.ini.
I purchased the theme, but the installation has encountered such a problem.

That error is caused by your server, neither the theme nor WordPress.

You should increase the file upload size limit imposed by your server. At this moment it should be something very low like 2MB. If the theme’s zip file is bigger than 2MB, your server will throw an error and cancel the installation. You can modify that setting inside a configuration file called php.ini. The best you can do is contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase this limit to something like 64MB

Try changing value in post_max_size in php.ini & restart your server.

upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M

Two values ??have changed, and why not enough?

these values should be enough. have your restarted server? Create phpinfo file on your server & check these values.

Or extract your theme files here wp-content/themes/your-theme if your are uploading a wordpress theme.

theme: Metro Rox WordPress Theme
Servers restart, or not?
PHP. INI fact: php.ini-development and php.ini-production values ??of these two documents, I have changed, but php.ini-production did not post_max_size = 2M of the original value.

You need to ask your hosting provider to increase values in php.ini.

OR just upload & extract your theme files here wp-content/themes/your-theme using cPanel or FTP.

Who bought: Metro Rox WordPress Theme, appeared after I unpacked:
Five compressed files are:
How to install? Some friends know?

Open the “documentation.zip” and it will talk through how to install the theme

documentation.zip?”Can not install this package. Topic lack style.css </ code> style sheet.

I installed the theme after nothing, I do not know why, this is the URL,http://fei.chinaformingmachine.com/
we can look at, is there to help me analyze problems, thank you.

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