Upgrading DAW, Logic vs Ableton

I was wondering if anyone here used ableton to make music other than electronic based music (orchestral, rock, etc). I’m debating moving to ableton after trying out ableton lite from a midi keyboard I got. I love the effects features and the built in guitar sounds in the standard version sound great, but I’m wondering if it’s worth trading logics string and horn sounds (I don’t have a many VST’s outside of my DAWs).

I use Ableton Live and I like it, but if you are short on money I’d recommend buying a decent orchestral VST ( like 8DIO Majestica) rather than buying another DAW. In my opinion, the best DAW is the one you know better.

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I guess I mentioned I’m using Logic off of a school computer I have access to in the computer lab and Ableton Lite on my laptop. Since Lite’s pretty limited I’m gonna need to upgrade sometime soon. I’m considering getting the NI Audio 6 which has some instruments that could at least fill in the gaps of Ableton.

You can produce any kind of music in Ableton. No doubt about it.

No difference which DAW to use. Any DAW can be fitted for any kind of music production. Get the one in which you feel comfortable and confident.