Which DAW you using and why over others?

Hey, i know there was similiar topics before but there was outdated so i am asking again :slight_smile: .

I am currently using studio one 4. Because everthing is drag and drop and you can do anything that over daws can do and its easier.

Problem with studio one is lacking of stock effects. You cant do anything crazy only regular stuff (comp, eq, reverb etc.).


Depends on what I’m doing. If it’s electronic-music I’m using Bitwig 3. If it’s live instruments I use Logic 9. If it’s a massive project I use Reaper because it seems to run better from a system resources perspective. And finally if I want to jot things down fast or do a video production, I use Mixcraft 8 Pro.

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Hello, I use two DAW’s:
Cubase - for making sound effects, because I like its audio editor and I’m used to it.
Ableton - for making music, because I can do quickly everything I need and all the ideas are sketched faster.

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Studio One 4.5

It’s very fast, intuitive and powerful

I used Cubase and Logic, but now I’m a well convinced Reaper-Man! :smiley:

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I use FL Studio. I’ve been using it for 16 years, since Fruity Loops 3.56.

The workflow, flexibility, and lifetime free updates make a combo that, for me, still hasn’t been beaten.

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If I may, What are you actually trying to accomplish? I understand the daw question, but if you can share music type and maybe a little of what you do, we may all have a better Idea and not just throw names out.

My apologize in advance guys, I am just curious. I’ve gone from analog cutting the tape days to ProTools HD. And almost all of them work but depends on your musical creations and hardware. I like to help with something I might have used or done that may work for your objective.

Hey, actually i wasnt trying to accomplish anything, just wondered who using what. I am making everthing by myself (recording audio, mixing, mastering, writing midi etc.) i think most of us in audiojungle are same. I’m looking for daw which can do everything perfect. And i think studio one is closest. My only problem with studio one is lacking stock plugins. (Studio one also missing complex audio editing functions , and you have to deal with poor audio manager). Also user interface feels extremely cheap.

I dont have any hardware other than my focusrite scarlett.

To be complately honest i wanna swap to another daw, i was getting bored lately. Just looking for reasons to swap. :slight_smile:

I tried ableton- Its ok, stock plugins are amazing but its not as fast as studio one, you have to click so many things

fl studio- so many windows…

garage band- i dont have imac anymore :slight_smile:

reaper- very poor user interface

motu dp- so old fashioned

I need one complate daw with not boring ui and good audio manager.

Do you have any advice ?

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Studio one love!

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Thank you, its very helpful ^^

I also started with no help and that can get very expensive. I wish we had places like this back in the days. I am not that old but if you can think back to 1986-1994, internet was a growing baby, and dial up was a joke. lol

A small peace of advise that’s always helped me. Write down the styles of music you like to make, think and listen to alike sounds and spend sometime reading. Knowing the basics will always help your growth.

It is amazing how many people are willing to help when it comes to music. I think is a fantastic things we have as creators. We can all learn things we learn at school with seasoning on the side. Cakewalk takes me back to the Acid Pro days. I never got too much into CW because AP was so much easier and came with great basic plugins. Don’t judge, I recorder two albums on AP out today. lol For me it was easy for recording music I played using Presonus fire-wire interface, HP Pavilion with a 1.2 super slow now AMD, Roland XP 80, Boss drum machine, and sounds I recorder live in my younger days.

Cakewalk and Acid are missed by many and I believe Acid foundation is somewhat like Pro Tools when you place them side by side.

I still run Acid for making some things, but my currently working choices are Protools HD10, Ableton 9.5, Roland G6, Korg Kross 88 Keys, Kontakt 5, and acoustic guitar and bass.

As far as plugins, Ableton Live 9 has great factory ones. What I like is the sounds it produces when I use it. I have made live music and turned them into loops. Ableton and Acid help me with that.

Waves Mercury plugins cost me 25 chickens, 8 cows, a few chips, gave up my sister and sill owed. lol $$$ Don’t do that. I love them and will not change. Head over to Waves.com and download their trials, you can get them cheap now and also single.

I have a subscription for Splice.com for $ 19.00 a month, I will own Ozone and Neutron in two more payments. They are a great place for me and maybe something to look at at least. They also have tons of loops with great sounds and other rent to own products including Studio One.

Ableton Live 9.5, $ 980. at the time with all the packs including Max, ProTools HD 10 because is the industry standard and I now have a working Home Studio, Waves, Slate, Izotope, Digidesign, and Native.

You dont have to go this route, just wanted to share what I used and works for me. In no way shape or form I am saying this will work for you at all, but I have helped a few friends start off and for some reason they love Ableton. I think we should all get paid for the plugs we give… lol

My type of music is Unknown but the ingredients are Salsa, HipHop, Rock, Rap, Trap, Soul, Country and R&B. I just mix a little bit of everything and sometimes get lucky. lol

Sorry for the lengthy reply. Mods welcome to cut if you like… :wink:

Hope some info helps.

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Its ultimately helpful guide, thank you so much!

Logic Pro X, great package. Tho I try not to get bogged down with which DAW is better, if you’re worrying about what DAW is right for you then you’re not making music :musical_keyboard::guitar::headphones::control_knobs::level_slider::facepunch:t5:

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Dude first of all of course some daws are better then others. As you said logic pro is one of the betters.

Lets say your are writing in the paper. With your limited perspective you can say ok its all in my head, i will write whats in my head and thats it.

But its not.

You have your pen, your paper and the surface which paper stands.

The pen might makes you unconfortable, maybe the paper rips easly or maybe surface causes problems to paper.

There is nothing wrong to looking for better options. Its all just tools, their purpose is help you to make things easier. If tools is not making you happy, you have to look for better tools. Its that simple.

I’d probably just type it up on my laptop

Reaper. Why? Because I’m a nerd :laughing:

@MeteDjr My perspective is far from limited. I do see your point but you’re talking about the fundamentals for creativity which every DAW provides. Some pens may be better than others but it’s still a pen.


Logic Pro X. I’ve been using Logic for 10 years now.