Audiojungle authors, what is your main DAW?


All right, time for a little hangout :slight_smile:

To bring back the topic from old forum.

What is your main DAW and why? Very interesting what people prefer in 2016.

Software for music

100% Ableton Live. :innocent: It has endless possibilities, especially considering Max 4 Live too. :slight_smile:
Also it’s just crazy, what insane things you can do with racks.

And it’s not even only about production - I love it to bits, like if it was alive :sweat_smile:


I always use Logic X!


Sonar Platinum, very solid inital set of features, including one of the best and most useful plugins and affordable monthly payment plan.


Studio One 3


Reaper! :slight_smile:


5 answers and everything is different so far :smiley:


FL Studio 12 :ok_hand:


Cubase. It was the first I learned and haven’t really gotten used to anything else after it. Have tried FL Studio, Ableton Live and few others, but I still just feel home with Cubase.


Logic X - GarageBand (Logic’s little brother) was my first DAW experience. :sunglasses:


Used to be a Cubase user for years. Then I used Cubase with Reason in rewire mode. And now just Reason. Love this DAW but it’s frustrating to miss out on all those great Kontakt libraries.


Logic X, for the simple reason that I bought an IMac and decided to get more serious with recording just at the point when the price for Logic was slashed.


Reaper. Happy user :slight_smile:


Logic X Pro tools


Reaper all the way!


Same story :slight_smile: Cubase 8.


Same here, too. Though I didn’t try any other DAW yet. I’m using Cubase since Cubase 1.0 on C64 and am still learning very much on it due to some great tutorial videos being out today. Things can be so easy - if you only know how to do it. :smiley:

Well, and because I always knew there are still so much things I don’t know on the “old” system, I never felt free for to try new systems. A bit like “why should I start making a motorcycle licence as long as I can’t ride a bike”.

EDIT: Oops, that was wrong, sorry. It was Cubase since Atari ST1040. On C64 I used C-Lab Supertrack.




What is your workaround for Kontakt?


I use Logic X, but I am really interested in Presonus Studio One.