What Program (software, sequencer) are you working in? (Audiojungle)

What Program (software, sequencer) are you working in? (Audiojungle)
For several years of work, I made sure that the program does not matter, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and you can create.
I work for Reaper (licensed)

what program do you work in ??

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@SmartSounds . Steinberg Cubase since 1991. Fiddled with Logic for a while, ditched it when they became Apple exclusive, some Ableton and Reaper. In the end is all about the workflow. Luna looks really appealing though. I own the UAD but still i refuse to switch to Apple.

Exactly. For me in terms of workflow, Cubase is the best.
But I guess, every musician is a specialist on his DAW and obviously his DAW is the best.
I tried Reason, FL Studio and Logic (in the 90’s) and work with Cubase since version 7.

I used Cubase until version 5
Now mostly Studio One

Logic X.

Moved from Cakewalk Sonar to Reaper :fire: 3 years ago, feeling great! :grin:

FL Studio :kiwi_fruit: :musical_score: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :notes: :headphones:

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Ableton Live and Reaper

I actually used Garageband for ages before going up to Logic Pro X (because I had to upgrade my mac to get a more up-to-date operating system to use Logic!). Even though I upgraded to a decent mac, and love Logic, I’m still plagued by CPU and freezing tracks all the time when getting to the final mix stage. I’m curious how you guys cope with CPU in your DAWs, are they all the same considering we all pretty much using similar VSTs and plugins to do the real work?


I left Ableton to logic, seriously I was done about the HIGH upgrade pricing from Ableton even for old user… I spent too much money for them and it was not even able to handle apple update.


@megatalented . I will not start the typical debate Apple vs PC, but even a decent priced Mac, which in my personal opinion is highly overrated,( without any logical reason ), is at least double the price of a more than a decent PC. Especially if you build it yourself. At this moment the only reason to buy a Mac will be, for me, to be able to run Luna UA Daw, which unfortunately is only available for Mac. I am running an AMD Ryzen 16 core processor, 2950 / 64 Gb mem, with M2 system HDD, and 2 X 1 TB Samsung T5 external HDD. Sincerely, I am afraid to calculate the price of the equivalent specs on an Apple system.

Yeah, I get the PC thing - I went mac years ago as I’m also a graphic designer and seems to suit me for that, but even Adobe Suite works great or better on a PC. I’m toying with doing something bigger and better. I’m on what I considered to be a pretty decent mac mini set up with solid state internal HD and good external drives too, decent amount of ram and didn’t expect to run into system performance issues so readily. I considered buying the M1 chip mac mini but decided to wait until the plug in world caught up with big Sur etc so went with a more decent spec older mini instead in the interim.

So eventually going to go all out on either top spec PC or M1. I like logic and am used to it, but it’s not vital as plug-ins rule. Would be interested to know how people get on with system performance on other platforms.

Typically I’ll run a lot of EW VST instruments, some synths such as DS Thorn and Alchemy and 2 or 3 guitar tracks with amp sims. Get to mix down with adding an SSL strip on most channels, plus compressors, saturation, reverbs (chromaverb for example is great but stops me dead - even when economising my bus routes!) etc… then pile up the master bus with normally Abbey Road mastering, limiters etc and I’m starting to struggle. If I’m doing a song with a load of double tracks and harmonies, then I really start to struggle with bouncing and freezing. Ultimately the CPU is being pushed more than the HD but sometimes gets close and when both are stretched it becomes a nightmare to work with.

I also use Reaper.

I have used mostly Nuendo in the past.
For open source DAWs, CakeWalk does a fair job for me too.

Reaper with lots of scripts :slight_smile: