Ableton Live 9.7 to 10 ? Or to FL Studio ?

Hi everyone,

I appeal to your experience to advise me best in my approach.
(The goal is not to debate which DAW is the best aha)

I have been with Ableton for a little over 2 years, I had a few introductions to Ableton long before, but I only really do production all the time for these 2 years. (AND now my Ableton version is no more supported , so I can’t go to CATALINA, and my Ableton has some crash and bug which are annoying)

I have the SUITE version, I also have a PUSH 2 with me. I am perfectly at ease with this DAW and I manage today to finish compositions and mix them. My problem is the payment of the upgrade and my long term thinking and maybe the fact that I feel a little stuck with this DAW (funny, when you know all the power and flexibility of Live).

PUSH and my habits allow me to go quickly in my way of finding and coming out of an idea, but I have the feeling that when it comes to digging a little longer or deeper (both in terms of theory but also production techniques) I find myself in a certain difficulty and stucked !

I am not looking for a miracle solution, but according to you, is it a good way to try to reset my habit and easy process for something 100% new ? Is it a good idea to want to drop a little the push and come back more to piano and a bit more reflexion to go forward and improve my musical stuff ?

What FL studio could do for you (for those who work with it) and is any of you haver ever experienced this feeling of wanting to change or explore elsewhere with a particular DAW or with Ableton? And how goes the result ?

(PS: I was obviously so disappointed when I saw the message from LIVE, that this version won’t be upgraded in the future, as I have spend too much money for them :sweat_smile: and obviously the price of the upgrade to 10 is too much, and If I want the suite version it’s worst)

THANKS and sorry for my bad English :grimacing: