Ableton 10 Improvements Video

Today we have been able to see news about the new version of Ableton Live 10. Here I found a video that sums up the ten most important improvements for now. It seems that it looks excellent, although I find that the MIDI edition is still far from other sequencers like Logic.


The most convenient in my opinion. but the more negative is its automation. hopefully soon the developers will make a “line”.

TIL Live 9 didn’t have MP3 export…

That baffles me.

In many respects this upgrade is just bringing Live, and primarily the Arrangement view, to a level that is more up to date with other DAWs. It’s about time, but I don’t think their asking price is worth what they’ve done. I could see spending half that upgrade price. Just my opinion as a user of Live 9.

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It always baffles me with DAW developers that always come up with “new features” but disregard all missing features that can contribute to your workflow.

In Ableton 10 finally you can have multiple midi clips in the Midi Editor but that isnt even mentioned in the top 10 features.

Now its time to implement the hide tracks on Ableton and to Cubase the ability to have the automation lane on the midi track itself and when selected, to select its assigned audio output in the mixer window.

Till then Studio One is lightyears ahead in terms of workflow than any other DAW at the moment imo.

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