Updating Preview Videos..??


I am having a little trouble updating a Preview video. I noticed it has changed…I am no longer put in a cue… Would my video be too large… 2mb/s setting? 14mb in total… All else was updated immediately, which is great. I probably missed a newsletter describing these changes. If someone from Envato could answer this, much appreciated.

A little frustrating… because people would get a different project from what the old preview shows…


Check this out:

And yeah, there is a little problem with updating preview videos. They’re looking into it:


great… thank you for the reply


any ETA on that fix? thanks.


Waiting 2 days!


There was a small window of time where my items was Trending… it would have been great if I could have had my new preview video up by then to help with a sale or two… Now, no longer the case. Come on guys… you should have this worked out before you implement it. Should I remind you that you demand high standards from us authors. …


Checking everyday since Friday… still no update. Any ETA on the fix? could you implement the old method in the meantime?.. thanks



My item in top new files and popular items, i think this will affect my sales too.


Hi Ahmedd

out of frustration, I uploaded my video to Box.net… and put a link under my description.

You could put it up on YouTube and put a link… just a solution in the meantime.



Trying to stall time by asking authors to submit a ticket is old news here.
However, you’d expect some estimation of when its going to be fixed, or an option to "Withdraw Trust"
Unfortunately. It’s not happening here.


yes, the same… I did issue a ticket… and my answer was… “It seems to be working perfectly” :slight_smile: very frustrating!


you mean, their answer was… :slight_smile:


and mine was… :frowning:


Just wondering how many more weeks and authors would it take them to admit they have a fault?


no disrespect to the code writers… I am sure they are doing their best. Just that management should have made sure everything was working correctly before implementing.


I opened a new ticket on 4 Jun, i think they don’t know what is going on.
He though i don’t know how to upload.


Same issue, i update my template but the preview video still not updated, any suggestion :neutral_face:


Welcome to the club!


Hi All,

Thanks for your comments and raising of tickets, I have followed this up and can confirm we are still actively looking into resolving this issue.