Updates e supports from the buyer

I want to know more about the updated diference between themeforest and Envato adn support as well. I am not receiving updates and support from the developers. Elite authors from the theme Concho and Invetex.

Themeforest support policy is here https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Envato don’t support (technically) items - authors do

Depending on what the query is; how long it has been; the way/channel on which the query was raised etc. then if an author simply ignores a buyer (and it’s still within their 6 month initial support period) then you can reach out to envato who will look into it.

Updates to an item are not obligatory - most authors will complete this. You can access the latest version of any item buy going to www.themeforest.net.downlaods (you have to be signed in) and downloading it

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