[Updated] My account is locked out. What does it mean and why?




This morning when I opened the ThemeForest site as usual, I got notified that my account is locked out. I couldn’t access my account. Here is only the message I got:

Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.

I already opened a ticket to the Envato Help team and tweeted to @envato_help about my ticket ID, but I’m not sure when they will respond.

I must admit that I’m really frustrated by now as I never received any email explaining why and it especially happened at the end of the month like this. If it can’t be resolved today, does it mean that I’m not going to get my money (auto-withdrawal) this month?

Could somebody or Envato staff shed some light on my case please? This is really urgent.

Thank you.



My account has been unlocked with the help of Envato Help Team. They said that it was locked as a security precaution. I’m not sure what is that about so I replied back asking them.

Now, I just noticed that my Elite and Author Level 9 badges are both missing on my TF account (but they are showing fine here in the forum). I again sent another message asking them to help check and restore the badges.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress and any response from the help team as it can be useful for other users, too.