Update WP theme - developer wants me to pay for support

Hi guys,

This theme developer is asking me to pay for support renewal for me to be supported to provide me a guide how to update the theme inside wordpress.

Is this how it is? I feel that its part of a must support for all customers regardless of expired product support. At least they have a print document online to guide me as I am not asking them to update the theme for me.

Hope anybody can advise about how this team assist or just advice me how to update the theme inside wp. thanks.

[EmallShop - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme]

Downloading/access the item updates for life time is possible with purchase but then you need to solve any issue related to it by yourself if you don’t want to renew the support.

There should be some information on the documentation how to update the theme - if you can’t manage this as well, sorry but the last option is hiring someone to do the job for you

Yes, basic installation and theme updating guide should be available in the documentation. Author should not ask for support renewal just to tell how to update theme. In general any theme bought from ThemeForest can be updated using the Envato Market Plugin https://envato.com/market-plugin/

Thanks for the guide.

Yes this team asked for support renewal and there is no online guide or documentation on how to update the version. I feel like @Envato should check them out, basic support should be given as complimentary in general.

I think this is common sense my firend, this days a theme or a script has to be constantly updated because the browsers are evolving and changing, this is normal, you have access to all updates but if you want support you have to pay for it if it has expired, it is a small price to pay considering that you have a theme that you only payed a fraction of it’s value, on top of it you have free updates and also support included for 6 months.

When you buy a car and go to get service do they do it for free???

Envato created this rule -> https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

While some developers do provide support after the 6 month period has expired, they are not obliged to do so. It is somewhat logical that this exists. An awesome product that gets update regularly can mean you can use it for years and years. At the end of the day, you have to think that even if you’re paying $50 for a theme, asking 100 questions over the period of a few years will make those developers have to hire staff or spend day and night answering support questions.

At some point, the developer needs to earn something for this beside the initial purchase price, otherwise, what’s the incentive to release incredibly powerful updates.

Also, if you force authors to provide free, lifetime support regardless of the support question, most likely most authors here would leave.

If you purchase a phone for example, a fridge, a bike, you get a warranty period and a user manual, you can of course extended that for years on end. That principle applies to software as well.

There’s a difference between an OS for example, that provides permanent support for a license, and a software product, which, requires some sort of renewal at one point.


Thank you for this.

If only this team posted an online manual for us customers, then updating the theme wont be that hard. I asked them first if I can use the envato plugin or any specific method they use, and asked me to pay first before they can answer me.

I have a few themes in my bucket and some of them has very good customer support, like the Bridge theme devs who provides guidance on general questions. Unlike this theme, you cannot find a single instruction on their theme page on how to update their theme.

I am all good now as I have confirmed on how to update the theme thru the envato plugin.


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Have some common sense and renew your support! this way you can support he developer and in return he can continue impove your theme!

I hope you are feeling okay. :sweat_smile:

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@FWDesign, please provide some arguments like I’ve done my previous post, with a constructive approach to them rather than demanding someone to magically understand how the world works, especially since support systems are variable in the world of software. If you can’t provide a constructive approach then please let others handle the situation rather than creating a tense environment. Thanks!

@rameesareno, there should be a manual included with your theme on how to use it and from what I’m aware Envato requires backward compatibility for themes.
As you mentioned now you’re okay with the theme, and I’m glad to hear, but, in future cases, In the case an update doesn’t work or the theme doesn’t work as advertised, please get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support and ask them to investigate the situation. It sounds like you’re dealing with a broken theme update more than anything else. In any case. Talk to the author, explain the situation and if you’re getting nowhere, ask for help from Envato. They’ll be more than happy to clarify more aspects of this and are better suited to investigate this than me as a forum moderator! :grin: