How i renew my theme?


In my account i see that my support will expire after a couple of months.

I am talking about envato wordpress theme.

What will happen after the period ends? Will i be able to get the latest updates from my downloads?

How i renew? Do i buy the whole theme again? I dont see an option about support renewal.

Can somebody shed a light here?

What do they say in tech support

That notice relates to envatos new guaranteed support.

Once it runs down you still get all theme updates, core bug fixes etc etc for life for free.

Some authors will inevitably also help buyers out ongoing but if you want ‘envato official support’ i.e. like an extended warranty on a TV then you would need to purchase a support pack. I wouldn’t worry too much about this at this stage.

You can read more here

Hope that makes sense.

It was envato WP theme , and they replied that i would loose write access to their forums, which i find it wrong…

Another WP theme , X, replied that i wouldn’t loose the access to their support forum whatsoever…