Update to Avada 7.3: using different accounts

I’m the new consultant for my customer which has the previous license bought from the previous consultant. I Have lately updated Avada version to 7.3 but as you know currently this is only a temporary update as I need to enter the purchase code. Since the licensee was bought from the previous consultant, I don’t have same account so I cannot proceed so. The website was built with the previous license so I cannot now register the purchase code. I’m of course available with customer agreement to buy a new licence but how can I make sure I don’t lose all the job has be done so far with the previous license.
How can I transfer it to my current account?
Thanks in advance

The content/customization of your site has nothing to do with the license. It doesn’t matter if you udpate using the original license or you buy a new one.


Hi @Marculli78 ,

license transfer between account not possible. but you can purchase a new license and use the license for the website. license will not effect on theme/website customization. license will make sure the future update for the theme of your website and will make you a valid customer.


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Hi Mgscoder,
thanks for youi kind and prompt reply.
Doest it mean I would just need to buy a licence with a new account and then add the purchace I got I will get in the check box in the avada pagem I have In the wordpress backhand of customer’s wbesite ?Please see attachment.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Yes, you can add new license of your customer’s website.
I can’t see any attachment/screenshot. if you have any query You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. theme author will answer your query.


ops sorry I forgot the attchament …please have a look: can I add then the purchase code I got with my new acocunt in the check box in the avada page I have In the wordpress backhand of my customer’s wbesite?


yes, you can.

All set and up & running again

Thank you