Update not received

Hello to everyone.

I’ve been told from the author to update to the latest version of the theme but unfortunately i haven’t received the update yet. Today is the 3rd day since the updated new version of the theme has been launched. I can install the new version manually but i want to know/understand for the future why is this happening.

Can someone understand why is this happening and how can i troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks in advance

You won’t get “sent it”. Depending on the item then:

  1. it may be accessible via WP Admin

Or else,

  1. go to your Themeforest downloads page and download the theme again which will be the updated version

If in ANY doubt ask the author.



Have you tried with Envato Market WordPress Plugin:


That was the first thought that came to my mind. And yes, i have it installed or best to say it came installed with the theme. Seems that it has become a standard nowdays. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it again but it didn’t work



Please contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to assist you.


If I understand correctly, you are able to see the update on ThemeForest, but not through the Envato Market plugin. Is this correct? If so, could you post the name of (or a link to) the theme here? I would like to see if the Envato API is returning the correct version - I have seen this issue in the past.

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that is what i did and i’m waiting for an answer. You know what is like?
Thank you for all your suggestions,

Hi there

the site link is monarku.com

I’ve spoken with the theme author and he only suggested to install the envato marker (which i already have) and also he have a link https://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-market-plugin-guide/ to use. What i’ve noticed is that the link shows instructions on version 2.0.0 but i have installed the version 2.0.1 and thus there isn’t anywhere where i can place the envato api token.

How can solve this issue since the actual envato market version is giving me notifications for updates?

thanks again in advance