Envato market plugin doesn't show theme update

Hi, I have correctly installed the Envato Market plugin but it doesn’t show the recent udpate of my theme (February 17, five days before plugin activation) and I can’t find any support… suggestions?

Check if you have proper configuration at Envato API. ( permissions )

Hi, permissions are ok

API connection works correctly, permissions are ok but the updates doesn’t appear…

Is it the latest version?

Yes, it is

You need to update it manually then…

so I can get rid of Envato plugin…

In a case like this there’s typically only two possible things that could be going on:

  1. The theme wasn’t actually updated. It’s possible the author made changes to the item’s documentation, tags, or similar which bumped its “last updated” date, but no new version of the theme itself is actually available.

  2. The author did in fact update the theme, but forgot to upload a new installable file. The API (and subsequently the Envato Market plugin) rely on these installable files to track the latest version, so this would cause the update to not show up for you.

If you’re certain a new version of the theme is available and it wasn’t some other kind of update, it’s best to ask the author (either in the item’s comments section or in their support area) and see what might be going on.

Thank you!

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