No update available in Envato, even when a new theme/plugin update has been released

I have no idea if this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m having some issues with updating my theme.

I have installed the Envato Market plugin and I see my theme and one of the premium plugins that I bought with the theme (WP Bakery). The other plugin (Slider revolution) isn’t shown, even though I also bought this with the theme.

When I see the theme in the Envato Market plugin, no message of an available update is displayed. But the theme has been updated a few weeks ago. For WP Bakery is also an update available.

Why don’t I see the available updates?

Thanks :).

You can try to update manually. Just download the theme from your Downloads section. unzip the installable .zip file and upload it via FTP to your server.

As for the plugins, bundled premium plugins do not come with separate licenses, so you can’t update them on your own. Updating those plugins is usually done via updating the theme itself.

You should get in touch with the author of your theme if you need any additional help (just click on the theme in your Downloads section and check out Support and Comments tabs).

Envato Market WordPress Plugin helps customers receive updates to their premium wordpress Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon). this plugin will not give notification for theme bundle plugins because those plugins are not purchased item, received from theme bundle. Thanks

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Thanks for the replies!

Last time I updated manually, but since then some elements didn’t work anymore in the theme. I think I did something wrong. That’s why I really want the Envato plugin to update it this time.

I did buy the theme via ThemeForest and there it says that the theme was updated the 20th on may this year. But in the Envato plugin that I installed on my website I don’t get the notification of an update…

Outcome of updating via FTP vs via Envato Market plugin should be exactly the same. Plugin just does all the dirt work for you.
Again, best way is to just get in touch with the author.

I know updates can be done in several ways. But I want to do it via the Envato Plugin, so I can’t make any mistakes. No matter what ways there are to update a theme, the plugin should just work, right?

Does anyone know why the update notification isn’t displayed? Because until I see that notification, I can’t update the theme via the Envato Market :(…

Just contact the theme author.

I already have… I asked if the theme was available for automatic updates. According to them, it is. So that’s why I’m here asking how it comes that the update isn’t available in the Envato Market plugin :(.

I guess I was hoping that I would find someone from the Envato support team here that would maybe look into this? But again, I don’t know if I’m at the right place for that?

Every theme on ThemeForest is available for update via Envato Market plugin. Authors can’t decide on that. But I though that author could look into it, like login into your admin, maybe see something off there.

If you are 100% sure that you are not already running the latest version, and your API is configured correctly to receive updates via admin, then you can try to contact Envato, BUT they will IMHO just tell you to contact the author. If your API is set, and this is not some known issue (I do not think it is), then there is nothing they can really do about it. If you do not want to wait 10 days for reply from Envato which most likely won’t be helpful at all, persuade an author to take a look at it.